Kind of Blur

The songs you love, with the cool sound of jazz

”It was truly a treat watching this very clever, refreshing & innovative band. Their jazzy renditions of a mix of various pop & movie classics (& one classical piece) were executed with incredible charm & a believable authenticity. Wonderfully surprised as to how pleasantly uncontrived they delivered their interpretations. I'm greatly looking forward to future additions to their repertoire!”

- Thulsi

Amazing! There was a brilliant atmosphere from the outset thanks to the band organisation and setting. It was an immersive experience and brought a lot of energy around the room. Great value for money and I definitely would recommend!

- Aisha

Here's what our audience says

I LOVED the Kind of Blur Christmas gig. All the arrangements were so clever, reinventing familiar songs in a whole new way... it was delightful. Each of the instrumentalists were excellent, and I really loved the singer/piano player, whose interpretations of the arrangements fitted the vibe perfectly. It was laid back, fun, entertaining, quality music-making. Well done Kind of Blur!

- Anna

Kind of Blur's music is cleverly arranged and beautifully presented. Their recent performance at the Barn theatre in Welwyn Garden City was captivating with subtle arrangements using occasional horns, sensitive vocals and a level of professionalism that others strive to achieve. This quintet is ahead of the game and an act not to miss."

- Roger

”Would highly recommend working with Kind of Blur again if you have any clients who are after a jazz lounge-y vibe. They were a delight to have - super pleasant and friendly. Quick, efficient and sounded great!"

- Isis